Mystical expressions of scientific ideas.

Artist Statement

My process is at turns deductive, intuitive, and experimental. I work directly from life whenever possible, because it provides the fortuitous aspects of a subject that photographs cannot. Art made from observation is the result of an actual experience, a process of discovery and change. It is a form of contemplation and prayer. The versatility of oil paint allows me to achieve an array of atmospheric and tactile effects, from the opulence of skin to the dry density of stone. The depiction of light is readily achieved through its immediacy and expressive range. With finely ground pigments dispersed in oil, light refracts within each stroke. The medium itself, originally developed to stain glass, is a celebration of the miracle that is light. I constantly seek mastery of my materials, experimenting with new approaches, adjusting and refining my technique.

Mystery is the quality that I value most in my work. When I look out, carefully observing the bumpy surface of an orange, or the delicate gradations of the sky, I am actually looking in. A painting is a humble artifact emerging from an inward astonishment. There is a poetic truth that escapes through the imperfections of the hand-made picture. I do not transcribe reality as much as contemplate it in relation to the language of painting. Each piece goes through a process of distillation. My goal is to create an object both physical and ethereal, of heaven and earth. Painting is a language made of colors, forms, relationships, viscosities and touch, but remains unencumbered by words, mysterious and difficult even to its greatest practitioners.


Recent Posts

Latest developments from the studio.

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Compressed Value Underpainting

Below are a couple of completed under paintings executed in “en camaïeu”. The phrase “en camaïeu” basically differs from “grisaille” or grey monochrome painting...

Learning Your Scales Redux

I use a number of different palettes depending on what I’m doing, but the one that gets the most use when I’m in the...

Pollice Verso

Pollice Verso, Oil on Canvas, 9×12″, $550

This painting quotes Gerome’s painting by the same name, translating from latin to “Turning of the Thumb”. Initially...