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Time: The Past

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Still life painting featuring an inverted rabbit skeleton, lysianthus flower, broken vessel, and red string
Oil on Panel, 19½ × 15½″, Left Panel

As an experiment, I set myself up with a few problems to solve. First, each of the panels had to have a single dominant color, white, red, or black. Second, each had to include a circular vessel of some kind. Third, each had to include the circular motif of a flower. Fourth, each panel had to include an element the color of the dominant in the other two panels. Each object has a personal significance, but I will let you, dear viewer, come to your own conclusions.

The Flower featured is the Lisianthus, from the greek lysis, meaning dissolution

Detail of a Still-life painting featuring an inverted rabbit skeletonClick the image above for a closer look.

Now available in archival quality Giclée prints.

A word about editions:
A Limited Edition is a print which is limited in its production number (how many copies will be made). In the case of this edition, only 25 prints on canvas will be printed. These prints tend to be more valuable, as they are more rare. An Open Edition will not be limited in its production number. These tend to be less expensive, but potentially less valuable as time moves on. Regardless of edition type, all reproductions released by my studio are archival and the result of working closely with the printer to insure the highest quality. All are signed by the artist and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Limited Edition on Canvas:

  • 15×20″, Gallery-Wrapped, 1/25, $300
Open Edition on Watercolor Paper:

  • 5×7″, $20 ($48 for set)
  • 8×10″, $40 ($96 for set)
  • 11×14″, $60 ($144 for set)

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