Scale Model for "A Risky Bet"

Scale Model for "A Risky Bet"


Directly after art school, I didn’t say no to any opportunity to be paid to paint. It led me to all sorts of interesting jobs, where I honed a diverse skill set and became very adaptable to different styles. This lead to being commissioned to do a large western-themed painting to hang above a patron’s mantlepiece.

In order to achieve a plausible quality of light and form, not to mention a feeling of the scene being directly observed, I took a cue from Charles Marion Russell, and created a miniature poly-chrome model which was then lit and used as my primary reference. I still had to invent quite a bit of dust, drama, and movement.

Polymer Clay, Wire, Window Screen, Acrylic Paint, Plaster, Masonite, and Foam. Modeled at approximately 1:10 scale, Collection of the Artist

If you are curious, you can see the final painting in the “Early Works” section.

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Each figure was modeled carefully in layered polymer clay, from the skeletons up. Needless to say, once painting commenced, it proceeded rapidly.